How to choose Good Korean blinds

Good Korean blinds look like roller blinds, but these curtains have a somewhat less tight, playful appearance due to the folds. There are two types of pleated Korean blinds; single and double pleated fabrics. In the case of the pleated fabric, the curtain consists of a layer of pleated material and in the case of a double pleated material the sun protection consists of two pleated fabrics which are attached to each other. The double-curtained curtains often have an insulating effect and are therefore energy-saving. Pleated blinds can be fixed in the standard way so that they can be lowered from the top. When you hang them up in a free way, you can choose to hang a curtain halfway through the window, so that you have light in the house above and below it. With pleated blinds it is easy to play with the light.

Two Different ideas to start up a small business

To discover Singapore businesses you need to think in a different way. The most common ideas available will not help you to achieve success in long term. Below are the two uncommon ideas to start with.

Custom tailor

The idea: The tailor-made becomes a niche again. Get started then in a service of tailor-made suits or tailoring by moving you at the office or at home. So your customers will be able to customize their clothes without running the stores. Or how to help men make purchases easier.

Advice: Make the high end!

A web platform for retirees

The idea: Nowadays, retirees are more and more dynamic and have the means. They are ready to spend and travel. You need to group all services and activities for retirees on one site: travel, insurance, excursions, theaters, exchange of services, etc.

Advice: Propose original and accessible offers for all scholarships.

Things to know about Jaundice

Infantile jaundice, or physiological jaundice, is not a disease in itself and is not contagious. Rather, it is mostly a reflection of a coping mechanism for life outside the womb.

The fetus needs many more red blood cells than the newborn to develop. At birth, the destruction of this excess of red blood cells causes a rapid increase in the blood level of bilirubin, a pigment that causes the yellowish coloration of the skin. The baby’s liver, still immature, may have difficulty removing this excess bilirubin in the stool. It is also this pigment that gives the yellow color to the stool of babies.


Jaundice does not usually have any negative consequences, and the bilirubin level returns to normal in 1 or 2 weeks. If your baby is gaining weight and has normal bowel movements and urine, there is no need to worry. His body will learn by itself how to eliminate excess bilirubin. In this time it is better to follow some good at jaundice home treatment instead of alopathy.

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